Step by step Android Application Development for Beginners

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STEP 1.  Download Android Studio

Android Studio is an Integrated Development Environment (IDE), which is used most common IDE for Android development.

Click here to download

STEP 2. Setting up Android Studio

Download JDK, Java Development Kit is required for Android Studio to interpret and compile the code.

Click here to download

open Android Studio that just installed on to your computer to launch it.

Once it opens up, you’ll be shown with a menu where you’ll be able to get started or configure some options

STEP 3. Create New Project

Click on File -> New ->New project

Enter the name of application and domain name of, together it uses to create packages









Android Studio creates Hello World! For you once you create new project.

We selected Basic Activity when we started project, so we see a second XML file called ‘content_main.xml’. For the most part, these two do the same thing but the ‘acitvity_main.xml’ contains the basic layout that Android Studio created for us when we  selected ‘Basic Activity’. The stuff we want to edit is in content_main.xml, so open that up and no worries now, we look more details in next chapters.

STEP 4. Creating CLICK Button

Remove Hello World! Text from ‘content_main.xml’  and Go to design mode of ‘content_main.xml’.

Drag and drop OK button to anywhere on screen. And Name it NEW BUTTON to CLICK name


android:layout_alignParentStart=“true” />







Open and add this below code part, we going to link this method button click event

Import package android.widget.Button

import android.widget.Button;

public void buttonOnClick(View v) {
Button button1 = (Button) v;
((Button) v).setText(“You clicked CLICK button!”);

Open ‘content_main.xml’   Design mode and link the buttonOnClick method to onclick property as shown in above pic.

You all set, Now run the application and verify CLICK button after click it should display message as  You clicked CLICK button!












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    • Suvendu Mohanty
    • June 16, 2017

    Pretty neat and crisp steps

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    • June 19, 2017

    Nice post for beginners

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