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Since Kotlin was announced as official supported language for android development in Google I/O , many developers are wondering if they should stick with java or move to Kotlin . Kotlin was available but developers should use dependency plugin or use library . According to Google I/O , kotlin will be added in android studio 3.0 and later by default .

Kotlin and Java both are good on their own . Both runs on JVM . Programmers say Kotlin is easier to learn and apply than Java.

Kotlin Is Now Officially Supported Language For Android Development

There are many issues in Java that Kotlin has fixed . Some issues are :-

  • Null references are controlled by the type system.
  • No raw types
  • Arrays in Kotlin are invariant
  • Kotlin has proper function types, as opposed to Java’s SAM-conversions
  • Use-site variance without wildcards
  • Kotlin does not have checked exceptions

Though , Kotlin is new language and has fixed many issues of Java , It lacks many features too . Some includes :-

  • Checked Exception
  • Primitive types that are not classes
  • Static members
  • Non-private fields
  • Wildcard Types

Now , let’s talk about the main topic  , why kotlin is so good that google pushed Java back and brought Kotlin . As I already mentioned , Kotlin has fixed some really tough features that java suffers . It has brought many other features too which makes it more featured than Java .Some features that Kotlin has and Java does not are :-

  • Lambda Expression and inline functions
  • Extension Functions
  • Null-Safety
  • Smart Casts
  • String templates
  • Properties
  • Primary Constructors
  • First-Class delegation
  • Type inference for variable and property types
  • Singletons
  • Declaration-site variance & Type projections
  • Range expressions
  • Operator overloading
  • Companion objects
  • Data classes
  • Separate interfaces for read-only and mutable collections
  • Coroutines

So, I hope you figured out why google is supporting kotlin . You might have got clear explanation if you should learn kotlin and work with it or not .

What does it look like?

Concise, simple and very easy to read (and write)

package hello
Optional package header
fun main(args: Array<String>) {
Package-level function, which takes an Array of strings as a parameter
println(“Hello World!”) }
Have you noticed?
Semicolons are optional

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